Dental Sealants for Kids

Is it hard to clean your child’s back teeth? Does it seem like food might be a permanent resident despite your child’s brushing and flossing efforts? If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider using dental sealants on your child’s molars or premolars. At Tooth Club for Kids we want to help your child have a healthy smile!

Why Dental Sealants

Molar and Premolars can be more prone to decay if they have deep fissures in them where food particles can get trapped. These grooves may be deep or extremely thin, but bacteria feasts on the food particles. This may create plaque and acids that can eat through the tooth’s enamel over time. When this happens, a cavity is formed. Even though fluoride can help protect the surfaces of the tooth, dental sealants can provide yet another layer of protection by giving the tooth a smooth surface over the previously uneven areas.

The Process of Dental Sealants

Our process for the sealant procedure is simple. A sealant can be placed as soon as the tooth has completely erupted from the gumline. To get one, the tooth will first be cleaned, and an acidic solution is applied to the tooth for a few seconds before it is rinsed off. This can create small microscopic areas with a rougher surface to help the sealant adhere to the tooth better. When the tooth is dry, the liquid sealant may be put on the tooth and hardened, and then your child should be able to chew on it again.

Contact Us

If you live near Glendale, Arizona, and would like to get more information on dental sealants, or to schedule a consultation for your child, please call 602-843-1275. Dr. McKay Garrett and our friendly team at Tooth Club For Kids look forward to treating your child’s smile. Our goal is to keep both you and your child happy and smiling!

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