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Dr. Alan McKay Garrett DMD Pediatric Dentist - Glendale & Phoenix, Arizona

Pediatric Dentist Glendale Dr Alan McKay Garret DMD

Pediatric Dentist in Glendale, Dr. McKay Garrett was actually born and raised in a small town in rural Idaho. He spent his childhood and teenage years working on a farm. He realized that he had a passion for dentistry at an early age. He had great experiences with dentists and his orthodontist that helped give him a beautiful straight smile following braces. At that time he hoped to share his smile as an actor, but shortly thereafter married the love of his life, and changed his career direction towards the passion he experienced as a kid toward dentistry.  Shortly thereafter McKay decided to help other kids with their teeth, as he had been helped.

Dr. Garrett completed his undergraduate schooling at the University of California, Fullerton, and then received his dental degree at the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health in Mesa, Arizona. He then attended The University of Illinois in Chicago, where he completed his two-year specialty training in pediatric dentistry. He received extensive training in early childhood development, child psychology, behavior management, and emergency treatments. He also received training in working with special needs patients and sedation. As a board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. McKay Garrett is an active member of American Academy of Pediatric Dentists. He is certified and licensed in sedation dentistry.

When not at work, he enjoys swimming, traveling, golfing, going to the movies and spending time with his wife and two kids. Dr. McKay Garrett is also fluent in Spanish.

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